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March 13, 2017

Dragana Latkovic MSc CBBT active member of Canadian Bowen Bowtech Association  “Sports Preventive & Corrective Therapy”

Bowen Therapy is a hands-on dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy, that stimulates body to heal it self, often profoundly. Bowen Therapy achieves all the same therapeutic benefits as the following methods:

* Physiotherapy, Massage, Acupuncture and Chiropractic

Bowen Therapy treats many musculoskeletal conditions/illnesses and has immediate effect in most cases. Bowen therapy can assist in many typical sporting injuries: back pain, knee injuries, ankle injuries, swelling, hamstring injuries, tennis elbow, shoulders injuries, bursitis and many more.

HOW does Bowen works?


Bowen Therapy relaxes and relieves muscle spasm and affects the blood circulation and lymphatic systems easing pain, inflammation and swelling. It is a therapy for the soft tissues such as muscle, tendon and ligament and since these structures govern the alignments of joints and vertebrae, Bowen achieves skeletal modifications. Bowen Therapy stimulates the acupuncture points and meridians therefor establish balance of body ‘s energy flow establishing body homeostasis. Like Emotional Bodywork Therapies, Bowen Therapy stimulates a release of held emotions and stress after trauma/injury. This occurs rather naturally as the body responds to the treatment during the session. The affect of Bowen Therapy is ongoing for the next couple of weeks after the treatment and is long-lasting because the body has self-adjusted without forceful encouragement.

Quick-fix happened if state is acute. (up to 72 h after injury )

In chronic state, Bowen is trusted for reasonable longer recovery for the sake of long lasting relief. Bowen therapy is trusted as corrective as well as preventative sports therapy. It is implemented in many sports teams throughout the world as an important addition to their therapy team. It is becoming more appreciated therapy for sports teams before, during and after play.
Bowen Therapy is a rehabilitation therapy and tests have shown accelerated rates of recovery with sporting injuries when receiving Bowen Treatment.
As a preventative treatment, Bowen Therapy can assist team players off the field utilizing regular visits for general health as well as treating injuries.

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20 thoughts on “Club Therapist

  • Dragana helped me with my vertigo and anxiety issues, using the Bowen therapy techniques a few years ago .
    She is very devoted and dedicated to each of patient’s case she threats.
    I had very positive experience and I highly recommend Bowen therapy as an alternative way of addressing injuries and health issues.

  • Ever since I was little, I wasn’t able to touch my toes without bending my knees; however, after just a few sessions of Bowen therapy, I am now able to reach past my toes! And not only am I way more flexible, since I started going to Bowen therapy with Dragana, I feel much better both physically and mentally.
    I highly recommend Dragana to anyone who has any health concerns. Her passion for helping others truly shines through the amazing work that she does.

  • A few years ago when I was preparing for my daughter’s 16th birthday party I suddenly experienced an excruciating pain in my lower back. I could not move and I could not bend over at all. I was so stressed and called Dragana to tell her that I will have to cancel the party when she suggested to try the new treatment that she was learning about. I’ve never heard about Bowen therapy before and I was a bit sceptical that she would be able to do anything for me in such a short time, but she was my only hope. I was hardly able to get into my car and drive a few blocks to see her. I was hardly able to lay on the massage table, but It took only a few very gentle movements and few breaks in between, and two hours later I was able to move again like nothing happened. I was amazed. Thank you Dragana for saving the party!

  • Dragana helped my son o relax. Worked on his hips , to unlock jam of hips and shoulders muscles, knees to improve its flexibility after injury.
    Dragana was helpful and dedicated to solve problems

  • Dragana helped me with my knee injury only couple of weeks before my ski trip in 2015. Thanks to her I was able to recover and continue with my ski trips and recreational volleyball ever since. She is very dedicated and enthusiastic to help people with health issues. I would gladly recommend Dragana to anyone with health concerns.

  • Dragana’s Bowen therapy sessions have helped me with sport related injuries over the last few years. I am a volleyball player and have therefore experienced many different sporting injuries both to my ankles and wrists. Two years ago I injured my wrist, I wore a tensor bandage but the pain was persistent. I went to Dragana for help and even after the first session I could already feel improvements. After a few more, I could no longer feel the pain. My experience with Dragana was so helpful that a few months later when I sprained my ankle, I went back. The pain was completely gone after only two sessions. Not only has she helped heal my injuries but Dragana has also helped me with my stress and anxiety. Her treatments have helped me so much that I can still feel the effects now in University. Thank you Dragana for the incredible help and experience.

  • Dragana’s Bowen therapy has helped me with a few issues over the years. My first round of therapy was to help with stress related issues, including: sleeplessness, an inability to focus and breathlessness. It only took ONE treatment to experience tremendous improvements. Not only did therapies at that time resolve all those issues but my stress tolerance has increased considerably since then. I went back for another round of treatments when a constant buzzing in my ears would not go away. Once again I experienced improvements after the first visit and the problem was completely gone after a few more treatments. A few months later I began to feel pain under the heel of my left foot (plantar fasciitis). With Dragana’s help, the pain was completely gone after only 2 treatments! Resolving my previous encounter with plantar fasciitis (I had it on my right foot) took 4 years of wearing orthotics.
    It has been a great experience.

  • I met Dragana when I gave up conventional medicine to heal my chronic ear infection. I was amazed how, after only one bowen therapy my body started excreting all the toxins that were accumulated over the years of ear pain. This therapy is gentle but results are very powerful. After several treatments my whole body started to align. My posture is improved and I can easily bend and touch my toes. Even sciatica pain is gone. I would highly recommend Dragana’s treatments to all people who are committed to improve and maintain their health.

  • Before coming to Dragana I had very tight hip flexors and hamstrings. I also suffered from reoccurring shin splints which made it very painful for me to play volleyball. After just 3 relaxing sessions I felt much better and hadn’t had any problems since then.

  • Over the past year I’ve had calf and knee growing related pains. These pains have made me sit-out for a few soccer and tennis games, which I participate in actively. After only a few therapy sessions both of these pains were completely gone. I have never felt more relaxed in my life as I did during Dragana’s therapies. I would recommend it to anyone like me who is active and plays sports.

  • Dear Dada,
    Thank you so much for introducing me to Bowen therapy! You are knowledgeable, motivating and you take time to explain things in an easy manner! I love your holistic approach – the body and soul fills refreshed after the treatment. Love the spa setting of your studio too. I would recommend anyone to experience it 🙂

  • I have visited Dada’s treatment studio several times and each time was a success. I am especially grateful for the the healing treatment I received on my lower abdomen and another time when I hurt my wrist shoveling snow. Dada’s magic hands helped bring me back to a pain-free state and created relief from the swelling. I would recommend Dada’s services to individuals with various health problems, who are looking for relief in a natural and risk-free manner in a very pleasant environment. The Bowen therapy has proved to be effective for me.”

  • “I have truly benefited from Bowen treatments. I suffer from lower back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. My treatment of choice has been massage therapy so I was a little skeptical at first to try a new treatment. My experience of Bowen therapy has been very positive. The sessions are very relaxing, I especially enjoy the head treatment. The back treatment I received reduced pain in my back instantly and I haven’t had any back pain since. I have tried other treatment for my wrists, which have not worked. I have benefitted greatly from the Bowen treatment and am amazed at how a little non-invasive manipulation of muscles can relax, reduce pain and invigorate muscles. I would defiantly recommend Bowen therapy.”

  • Thank goodness for Dada! I have enjoyed my sessions and found her touch and presence very soothing.
    Through the week, after each session my back and arm pain has been receding. In general I have been feeling much better both physically and noticeably more relaxed emotionally.
    Bowen is an amazing thing and Dada delivers with dedication and warmth. She truly loves what she is doing which comes through in each of her treatments.
    I look forward to more!”

  • Dragana’s Bowen therapy was a crucial step in my recovery and strengthening. She has a holistic view of the mind body connection and its interaction with the whole body. She applies the Bowen technique in a powerful and effective way. She is patient and understanding and I recommend her and her service for the care and maintenance of your health & wellbeing.

  • Thank you, Dada, for being so nice with your professional massage. Your soft hands obtained a successful result. Our family doctor praised the better blood pressure , after your skilled practice. We are so happy to have such a knowledgeable therapist. God bless!

  • A letter from my favorite player (April 2017): “I have known Dada for few months now and I couldn’t be happier with her professionalism. She take her work seriously and help in every way possible, even though many people doubt her and her practice of Bowen. … Dada is such a wonderful person. She has such soft delicate hands that I think of her as a wizard because every tough she makes is magical. Not only does she helps you heal through your toughest times, she generally cares for you. … she has helped me with my shin splits, shoulders and other muscles pain. Unfortunately, on April 23 I hurt my lower back on the court and was unable to stand up straight, I was hunched over, in pain. I needed emergency attention and Dada dropped everything in order to assist me. After a three hours session with a “wizard” , I was able to straighten my hips and back. Without Dada’s passion and belief in her practice I would be out for month according to the Doctors. … I highly recommend Dada as she is always there to help you through your toughest time” … Andrea M

  • I first went to Dragana, my Bowen therapist, for treatment of my bunions.
    During the course of my visits, Dragana also discovered other areas of my health that needed care: my hips,knees ( after recent injury) feet. Even months-long difficulties sleeping got improved !
    I have had several sessions, and I am delighted with the results. It is a very gentle, and pain-free process, and Dragana’s approach to Bowen, and to whole health in general is very positive.
    I highly recommend Dragana, and the Bowen method.

  • Dragana helped my daughter to recover faster from sprain ankle injury. The pain was completely gone and swelling decreased after two therapy. My daughter had sooner return to volleyball court. Dragana helped my daughter with Body Postural therapy for relaxing tight muscles as well. I highly recommend Body Postural assessment to volleyball players as a prevention from injuries and relaxing tight hip muscles, legs and knees.

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